Professional services

Professional services

Application back-ends

I build online back-ends supporting any kind of web or mobile application and deliver them as turnkey solutions. Just focus on your app, I take care of the cloud.

Any kind of business logic can be implemented server-side: user management, file storage, search capabilities, social media interactions, you name it!

I follow state-of-the-art design principles, exposing the backend to your app as a REST API and making sure it is available, reliable, secure and scalable.

Case study: Keakr

Keakr is a social app for urban music lovers. Keakr users can record themselves, share their videos with their friends and followers and even compete with each others in music battles!

I have provided the complete, original design of the back-end used by the Keakr app and am still working actively with the development team on new features and enhancements. The main services exposed by the back-end are:

  • user management (registration, login, phone number verification...)
  • social interactions (managing friends and followers, sharing content...)
  • content management
  • video transcoding and streaming
  • smart user feed
  • real-time chat and notifications
  • admin moderation

NoSQL expertise

I hold professional experience in running, configuring and interfacing with most NoSQL engines, including MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, Azure Cosmos DB and Neo4j.

If you plan to modernize your IT and leverage the flexibility and scalability of a NoSQL database, I can assist you in making the right choice of NoSQL engine and support its integration in your systems.